Computer Services Bangalore:

Computer Services in Bangalore:

IF you would like quick, IMMEDIATE computer SERVICES AND REPAIR ANY issues HARDWARE/SOFTWARE INSTALLATION, NETWORKING, UPGRADATION & VIRUS REMOVAL. real SERVICE AT YOUR DOOR STEP. just one telephony. we'll be Attend the call as early as fast In bangalore city only

We can facilitate ... we create House Calls!

We’ll send an authorized computer tech to your home to accurately diagnose and fix the matter.

Here is what you won’t got to worry regarding...

...crawling below the table to unplug and disconnect all those wires, then loging your computer out to the automotive and sport across city to a repair shop before it closes.

It gets worse ... currently you’ve got to find a parking spot, struggle to hold your computer through one in every of those doors that never looks to open right... then hear some fair salesperson talk “techie” to you.

computer services in bangalore

A week later (if you’re lucky) it’s back to the repair shop. Drive around till you'll notice another parking spot... and hope your pc is finally fixed. And who is aware of what it'll cost!

Computer Service in Bangalore

KrpinfoTech aim is to provide services to the personal computer amc services in Bangalore, business division is targeted on providing user expertise devices and computer services. the computer services in Bangalore providing ranges from all kinds of Laptops, Desktops, Workstations, thin clients, Tablets, Complete networking solutions to the end customers.

We have specialized team to give the solution who will having problems in there computer amc services like installing new software, Hardware, antivirus, and complete networking design. Our Expert will all over Bangalore to complete ‘work from anywhere’ desktop or mobile computing solutions without compromising on company and security policies.!

Our All in –one Solutions Services include power unit of Dell, Fujitsu, VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and Virtual computer Services..

Our computer Services include the following Top brands.

Desktops and laptops, Tablets and Netbooks, Thin clients and Multi Seat Solutions, Workstations and Graphics Computing Solutions, POS (Point-of-sale) Systems VDI/VCE/IDV Solutions, Blackberry Solutions & Devices, Digital Marketing accumulation Solutions, Industrial standard Laptops & Tablets, Ruggedized Laptops, Desktops, Workstations and Tablets.

Simply contact us on-line or call us to pick a convenient time to suit your schedule. we offer same day and once hours service.**

Being in the computer and Laptop services business for over more than 5 years has given us enough strength to completely comprehend computing requirements, suggest suitably software and Hardware, deliver the same through our delivery channels and provide prompt after-sales service as well.

KrpinfoTech Computer Repairs: We have experience in attending both Laptop and Desktop repairs of the following

  • All kinds of monitors.
  • All kinds of AC and DC power supplies.
  • Input devices such as keyboards, digitalizes and total range of mouse etc
  • Output devices such as printers of all range and scanners etc

Expert in Below Lissst Operating Platform: Windows7/8/10, Windows NT, Windows 2000/2008 Server,Linux, Unix, Ubuntu

  • Experience in servicing All kind of Laptops.
  • Extensive experience in maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of all Branded computers
  • Servicing of networking devices
  • Extensive Experience in designing and deploying intranet and extranet, networks in Office space
  • Servicing and repair of printers, scanners, network devices and motherboards.
  • Designing and implementing local area networks and wide area networks Based on Customer requirment

Computers Services Bangalore

  • Sales of Branded & Unbranded Computers.
  • Service of Branded & Unbranded Computers.
  • Sales of computer accessories and Consumables
  • Sales of Branded and Unbranded Laptops
  • Reseller for all major Computer Software
  • Software support and Maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance contracts (AMC) for computer systems and peripherals.
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